Why is Anna Maria Island the Ideal Vacation Destination?

Anna Maria Island is filled with so much wonder and adventure. From the beaches to the Old Florida charm, when you come to Anna Maria Island, you will get to slow down and truly relax the way you want to. When you stay in an Anna Maria Island vacation rental, whether you choose one of the Anna Maria Island beachfront rentals or are perhaps looking for something with a pool, choosing one of these rentals puts you right in the middle of why Anna Maria Island is so great. 

We’ve listed several reasons why Anna Maria Island is the ideal vacation destination. 

Old Florida Charm

Anna Maria Island has what many call the “Old Florida Charm.” This part of Florida is steeped in history. It was once home to two Native American tribes. In 1892, George Emerson Bean, who Bean Point is named after, became the first resident of Anna Maria Island. There are many fishing piers and docks that many have fished off for years. It has become a part of the Anna Maria Island culture! 

The Bridge Street Pier and Bradenton Beach have the Old Florida feel, being in business since 1920, selling ice cream and more from the restaurants, shops, and other fun activities.

The beaches around the island have provided both locals and tourists with a slower pace. The beaches have become a part of the Old Florida Charm and give those with that peaceful feeling of Old Florida.  

The Beaches

Many beaches around the Anna Maria Island area are perfect for lounging out and enjoying the sunshine. When you stay in an Anna Maria Island rental, you will be in the ideal location to be able to visit any beach you want quickly.

Manatee Public Beach is in Holmes Beach and is famous for its abundance of amenities like its cabanas, playground, and gift shop. Bean Point is slightly off the beaten path and has been a local secret for years. It is a perfect area for many of the local wildlife that calls Bean Point their home. There is a historic homestead on the property, and although the buildings aren’t there, you can still visit this historical site. 

Finally, Coquina Beach is located on the southern end of the island. It is also the perfect spot to have a nice relaxing day. Coquina Beach is more laid back than the other Anna Maria Island beaches, with excellent shade from the pine trees. This beach has many facilities that guests can use and is well-staffed with many lifeguards. The beach café offers snacks, meals, and other refreshments. Lastly, Bayfront Park (also called Anna Maria Beach) is located on the island’s northern tip and is known for its more peaceful atmosphere. Anna Maria Beach can be less crowded for a more intimate experience with nature. There are fewer amenities available on this beach, so be sure to bring your supplies for the day.

The Weather

Anna Maria Island is known for having around 300 days of sunshine. Each season offers visitors to Anna Maria Island a different feeling. The winter tends to be calmer, with temperatures ranging in the 80s. The spring is the best time to visit Anna Maria Island, with temperatures in the 90s. It is like the early summer down here! 

american flag umbrella and people enjoying the ocean
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In the summer, many visitors come down to Anna Maria Island. Temperatures range in the mid-90s while also having many tropical breezes. In the fall, temperatures hover around the 80s. You can still go swimming and enjoy all the water sports and the beach. Although it is in the 80s, it is recommended that you bring a light jacket in case the breeze gets too much. No matter the season, visiting Anna Maria Island is fun all year round. 

Activities & Things to Do

Anna Maria Island will never stop running out of fun activities and things to do. Anna Maria Island is home to many excellent restaurants. You can find donuts, smoothies, fresh seafood, and delicious barbecue. The food will make you keep coming back for more! There are plenty of shops on Pine Avenue that you can stop into to pick up things to remind you of the Old Florida charm and all the gifts for your friends and loved ones back home. Many shops have handmade, unique, and other kinds of souvenirs. These aren’t junk items you can get at any other regular gift shop. Some shops are staples and offer Anna Maria Island-themed clothing that you won’t be able to find at any other shop. On Pine Avenue, you can even paint sand dollars to bring home as a memento of your stay here on Anna Maria Island!

All around the island, you will also find historical landmarks that are perfect for learning about the history of Anna Maria Island. The many beaches also provide space to go on hikes and observe the beautiful wildlife. There are piers you can go fishing off and shop on, like the Anna Maria City Pier, which has a takeout restaurant at the end. As mentioned earlier, the Bridge Street Pier sells ice cream. He provides visitors with many in-depth history lessons about Anna Maria Island and the piers around the beaches. The Rod and Reel Pier leads out to one of the most classic Anna Maria Island restaurants (it’s got the same name as the pier itself!). 

You can catch a beautiful sunset or sunrise with all the beaches around Anna Maria Island. You can picnic on the beach and watch the sunrise and the sunset. This is the perfect place for couples to have a small romantic getaway for the evening. 

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