Manatee Beach is a Must Visit on Your Next Anna Maria Island Vacation

With so many incredible vacation places to choose from, people often find it hard to settle on one. For the most part, people are looking for an incredible place to enjoy some fun sights and have an absolutely relaxing experience.

On the other hand, many people try to find a place to experience some of the best food around (I mean, it is a vacation! Indulge!).

However, the one thing that most people are looking for in the ideal vacation destination is gorgeous beaches that they can enjoy each day that they are away. 

We understand that finding a place with everything mentioned above can be a bit of a tall order, but we believe that we have the perfect place for you! With lots of delicious food, including fresh seafood, lots of fun things to do and see, and enough beaches for you to have a “new favorite” each day, Anna Maria Island is the absolute best place for your next vacation! The best part is the array of Anna Maria Island vacation rentals you can choose from, all moments away from one of the island’s most popular attractions: Manatee Beach.

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Anna Maria Island Beaches

On the south side of Florida’s coast, Anna Maria Island is a unique little treasure that tourists have visited for years! With many aspects of the island still exuding that “Old Florida” vibe, those who vacation here often return for years to come. There is so much to do while on Anna Maria Island, but we know the biggest draw is the Anna Maria Island beaches!

With luscious white sand and emerald waters, the beaches on Anna Maria Island are some of the most beautiful in the country and even the world. With so many various beaches to choose from, we understand the choice can be difficult. If you only have time for one beach, then we suggest Manatee Beach. 

If you hope to enjoy the sun and fresh air that Anna Maria Island is known for, then we suggest checking out Manatee Public Beach for sure! Located at 4000 Gulf Drive in Holmes Beach, Florida, this incredible beach is centrally located on Anna Maria Island. Regardless of where you are staying on the island, or even off, it is easy to get to. We admit that it can be a busy beach with large crowds of families enjoying the sun and sea without a care in the world, but it isn’t something you want to miss. Get there early to secure yourself a spot, and rest assured knowing that the amenities in the area have you covered for an entire day of beach fun.

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Things to Do at Manatee Public Beach

As previously stated, Manatee Public Beach caters to everyone. It has amenities available to ensure that you have everything you need while enjoying the day at the beach. There is a large parking lot available right at the beach, so you don’t need to worry about driving around looking for parking if you plan to drive yourself to the beach. 

When you start your day at Manatee Public Beach, we highly recommend hitting the Anna Maria Island Beach Café for a good cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast. They have pancakes, French toast, eggs, biscuits and gravy, and every other incredible breakfast food that you could possibly think of. They serve breakfast until 11:00 a.m., and they have beachside dining so that you can enjoy the sun and ocean breeze with your meal to get you ready for your day!

With restrooms, changing cabanas, and showers all on-site, you will relax knowing that all your needs are met at Manatee Public Beach. The kids can take some time to play at the playground while the adults show off on the local volleyball courts, and then everyone can dip into the water to cool off. You can feel safe knowing that the beaches are being watched by lifeguards who are well trained and standing by to keep you and your family safe.

Before leaving, you can also duck into the gift shop and grab a treat to enjoy on the way back to your Anna Maria Island vacation rental or perhaps some souvenirs for the people back home! 

Plan Your Visit

One of the best parts about staying on Anna Maria Island is all of the incredible vacation rentals that you can choose from. In many cases, travelers tend to book hotel rooms. We highly recommend checking out the wide assortment of our Anna Maria Island rentals. Not only are there vacation rentals available to suit every size party that might be traveling, but there are so many amenities included that hotels just can’t compete with

If planning to come back to Manatee Public Beach more than once, then we suggest making one of those trips an evening trip so that you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets that you will see over the Gulf. You will have an incredible unobstructed view of the sunset regardless of where you are on the beach. They are some of the most spectacular sunsets you will find anywhere.

We admit the name Manatee Public Beach can often be a little misleading, as you will not find any manatees in the waters around the beach. They tend to enjoy the shallow and warmer waters of the bays and inlets around the island. However, plenty of local seabirds and other local Anna Maria Island wildlife to view while on the Island, especially around the beach area! We ask that you avoid contact with the wildlife, especially the sea turtle nesting areas during turtle season, as disturbing these areas is actually illegal in Florida! To view some manatees, or even some dolphins and other aquatic wildlife, we suggest booking a tour of the bays and inlets in the area through a local tour company. There are plenty to choose from.

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Directions to Manatee Public Beach

Depending on where you are coming from, the directions may vary; however, we have tried to give you an idea of travel paths you could be taking. 

There is a free trolley located on Anna Maria Island, and runs from 6:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. every day and will make scheduled stops every 20 minutes at Manatee Public Beach. There are various other stops along the way so that you can leave the beach and return whenever you want. 

Suppose you aren’t taking the Anna Maria Island trolley and plan on arriving by different means. In that case, the easiest route to take involves getting to Gulf Drive and heading south until you get to the entrance of Manatee Public Beach. The good news is that it is very well marked, so you won’t miss the entrance at all. 

If you are coming from the south, we still suggest getting to Gulf Drive and head north. You will eventually wind your way around and get the entrance to the beach that way as well!

When staying at one of our incredible Anna Maria Island beachfront rentals, the directions might be even easier. In some cases, you may be able to just walk out your front door and arrive at the beach in minutes!

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Anna Maria Island Vacation Rentals

In many cases, you will be steps away from the beach in one of our amazing rental properties, and some even come with their own private pools and hot tubs! We have smaller vacation rentals available if you are looking for a more intimate rental opportunity, or we even have full Anna Maria Island house rentals that you can choose from! Whatever the case may be, we guarantee that we can find you a suitable rental property that will fit your every need! All you need to do is contact us today to let one of our incredible customer service members help you find your next vacation rental property to enjoy on Anna Maria Island. The beach is calling, and we hope you answer!