Take a Direct Flight to Sarasota Airport for Your Next Anna Maria Island Vacation

Anna Maria Island is a small island near Tampa Bay, just south of St. Petersburg. The entire island spans over seven miles, and you can see the water on both sides of the island.

The island is very easy to find and provides for very easy traveling. If you plan on traveling from afar, your best bet is to take a flight to Anna Maria Island. But who wants to have a layover?

Many direct flights fly into Sarasota-Bradenton Airport! Here is a quick guide to SRQ Airport and how to get to Anna Maria Island from there. 

The Airport

The Sarasota Bradenton International Airport is the most convenient airport when you want to travel to Anna Maria Island. The terminals are very spacious, allowing you to stretch out while waiting for your flight. The large terminals also allow for easy moving, providing much less stress and hassle. You won’t have to hurry through terminals as you reach your gate! 

You can book your ticket, claim your baggage, check your luggage, go through security, and be near the main concourse. Forget the sprinting to your gate! Check in at the front, go through security, and it’s a short walk to your terminal. You’ll never have to worry about planes backing up, as the check-in lines are much shorter than the mega airports like those in Los Angeles, Denver, and New York. You can appreciate the SRQ Airport as you fly in and out with ease. 

Direct Flights

Many nonstop flights fly in and out of SRQ Airport near Anna Maria Island. It is important to note that there are year-round direct flights and seasonal direct flights to Anna Maria Island.  

From the Northeast, you can fly from Allentown and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Boston, Massachusetts; Hartford and New Haven, Connecticut; Newark, New Jersey; and both LaGuardia and JFK airports in New York. You will find airlines like Delta, United, and JetBlue all flying from the Northeast to SRQ. 

In the Midwest, you can fly from Peoria, Illinois; Akron-Canton, Cleveland, and Columbus in Ohio; Detroit, Flint, and Grand Rapids in Michigan; Fort Wayne and Indianapolis in Indiana; Louisville, Kentucky; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as well as Minneapolis-St. Paul in Minnesota; and Nashville and Knoxville in Tennessee. You can expect to fly through airlines like Southwest and Allegiant Air from the Midwest to SRQ Airport.

The Georgia area also has many airports that fly directly to SRQ Airport. You can fly from Atlanta on Southwest Airlines Georgia. 

In the West and Southwest, many airports also fly to SRQ directly. Appleton in Washington; Austin, Dallas, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Houston in Texas; Cedar Rapids and Des Moines in Iowa; Denver in Colorado; and Kansas City in Missouri. You will primarily be flying on Southwest Airlines when you fly from the Southwest and the West. 

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Directions to Anna Maria Island

When you land at the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, you’ll only be 14 miles away from Anna Maria Island. If you plan on renting a car and driving to Anna Maria Island, it is roughly a 30-minute drive. To get to the Bradenton Beach area on the southern end of Anna Maria Island, take US-41 North from the airport and turn left on Bayshore Gardens Parkway. Continue west on El Conquistador Parkway, which will eventually turn into 75th Street West. From 75th Street West, turn left onto State Highway 684/Cortez Road West. You will have to pass over the Cortez Bridge, and you will find yourself at Bradenton Beach!

If you want to get to Anna Maria Island from Sarasota, you won’t have to travel too far. It may not be easy for those unfamiliar with the island to travel around, even though Sarasota is a neighbor to Anna Maria Island. From Sarasota to Anna Maria Island, it is roughly a 30-minute drive to the nearer end of the island. If you plan on traveling to the other end, it can be 50 minutes. 

There are a couple of options to get to Anna Maria Island from Sarasota. The two most direct routes make you travel US-41 North and US-301 North. Both travel from Sarasota and will take you through Bradenton. You will then have to cut West and take either route 64 or 684. If you take route 64, you will be near the water and have to turn left on Conquistador Parkway. Follow through the bridge and then take the opposite route.

No matter how you choose to get to Anna Maria Island from Sarasota, it is effortless to take a day trip out to Sarasota from your Anna Maria Island vacation rental. 

Book Your Anna Maria Island Rental 

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Plan Your Stay

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