What is the Weather Like in Anna Maria Island?

Whenever you are planning a trip, chances are the type of weather you are going to have is an important part. With over 300 days of sunshine, it is never a bad time to plan a trip and stay in one of our Anna Maria Island beach rentals.

This article will outline the typical Anna Maria Island weather, along with all of the ideal things to do on Anna Maria Island no matter what time of year you visit.


The winter season, December to February, often sees many Canadian and American travelers from colder climates vacationing to Anna Maria Island, looking to escape the harsh temperatures of winter.

Anna Maria Island typically sits around 80 degrees during the winter months.

Everything from festive holiday markets to a wide variety of restaurants and bars open with holiday specials ought to keep you plenty busy. Anna Maria Island embraces the winter holidays, regardless of the weather does not exactly match that of a winter wonderland.

view of ocean from boat
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Spring in Anna Maria Island is arguably the best time of year to visit. Facing temperatures at a high of around 90 degrees in March through May, it is a welcomed early summer for travelers visiting the area. Springtime is a great chance to hit up the beaches in the area. From Anna Maria Public Beach, the Manatee Beach, Bayfront Beach, and Coquina Beach, there are many great opportunities to learn surfing, go fishing, and spend ample downtime taking in some sunshine.

Plan Your Visit

Before planning any trip to the island, it is important to look at our Anna Maria Island vacation rentals. Whether you are looking for something quaint and relaxing, or large and luxurious, we will have something for you. We offer rentals with any number of bedrooms to suit groups of all sizes, and we even have Anna Maria Island pet-friendly rentals if you want to bring your furry friend along!


From June to the end of August, there seems to be a misconception that it is too hot to visit Anna Maria Island. This is not the case, however, the temperature hovers around 90 degrees with ample tropical breezes to keep you cool during your stay. Summer is also the wet season, so afternoon showers often cool the island down for the evening hours. Fortunately, there are plenty of things to do when it rains on Anna Maria Island. Summer is a perfect time to not only hit the beach but also to enjoy many street festivals such as World’s Ocean Day Festival, Bayfest, and many more. These music festivals are perfect to keep yourself busy during the summer season in Anna Maria Island.

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During the fall season in Anna Maria Island, temperatures stay in the 80s. There is still plenty of beach time and swimming that one can partake in during this time of the year. With fall weather being so warm, visitors can still enjoy many of the summer activities that they long for at the end of the summer season. Bring a light jacket for the cooler breezes of the evening.

No matter what the season, it is always a great time to visit Anna Maria Island. There will always be ideal weather for you and your travels to get away from the banality of home life. Whether it is fall season outdoor endeavors, winter festive gatherings, spring-break parties, or summertime festivals, there is something for everyone at all times of the year while staying in one of our Anna Maria Island rentals.