5 Hurricane Season Safety Tips for Pets

The hurricane season brings its usual amount of weather concern from all Floridians, and for good reason. The last few years have been devastating for millions of Americans, from Texas to Virginia.

Hurricanes are always a concern on the beaches of Anna Maria Island. While there are many suggestions on how to prepare your hurricane kit and how to remain safe, there is one aspect of hurricane preparedness often not discussed. We often forget to look at what to do with pets during a hurricane.

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Hurricane Season and Pets

You can’t forget about your furriest family member during the season.

Hurricane season officially runs from June 1 to November 30. If you are anywhere near the water during this period, you need to be aware of ways to prepare your pets for hurricanes, whether you’re in Anna Maria Island, Miami, or Jacksonville. Either way, it’s still a great time to take a vacation.

While hurricanes can come quickly, simply by staying observant and following the news you will be in tune with what’s happening. Overall, stick to a plan, remain calm, and keep your pet close. You should not go out of one of our Anna Maria Island rentals for about any reason except for emergencies.

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Specific Hurricane Tips

Hurricane preparedness includes getting everyone on the same page- even your pup. Below we have a few quick hurricane season tips for you, your family, and your pet.

  • Create a Pet Hurricane Kit: We recommend you have an additional pet-focused hurricane kit. This should include pet food in baggies or cans, an extra leash, bottled water, a small pet first aid, and anything else you find necessary. It is also wise to pack in pertinent information, including medical reports, allergies, and more. Have a steady extra stock of vital items for your pet. Take this time to make sure you have a titled collar with a name and contact number.
  • Know Pre-Hurricane Habits: Your pet will undoubtedly be nervous. That’s okay. Give her extra attention. Try to keep her contained in a single area, like a room or crate to instill calmness. Animal behavior before storms is often erratic. Be patient and don’t respond to their nervousness with your own.
  • Consider a Shelter or Animal Rescue: Florida has gotten quite good at preparing for hurricanes. Almost every county has a specific pet shelter where you can bring your pet. This is especially handy if you expect major struggles getting yourself, your family, and your pet out of the region. Ideally though, if you plan to stay, keeping your pet close and with you will help keep everyone a little calmer.
  • Collect Toys: Splurge on an extra toy or two. It often doesn’t take a lot to distract your pet with a colorful new bone or rope. It may be just that toy that calms then down leading up to the storm.
  • Follow Accurate News: Social media can often result in false reports circulating quickly and irresponsibly. These reports can really reshape your strategy and lead you to dead ends involving both your family and your pet. For example, during a 2017 hurricane, a report circulated that said all hotels are accepting pets. They weren’t. Follow official resources, like FEMA.org, to remain accurately informed about the situation.

Plan Your Vacation

Being prepared is an important part of enjoying your vacation! Contact us today for more information on staying safe while visiting our Anna Maria Island vacation rentals.

We highly recommend that you keep your pet as close as possible. If you’re vacationing with us, it’s easy to stay in an Anna Maria Island pet-friendly rental. When the community finds pets after a storm, we wonder how animals survive hurricanes? It isn’t guaranteed and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Your pet is vulnerable and scared, and you should try everything you can to keep him with you. If this is not an option, find a local pet shelter.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

We also recommend you help support other families in the community. Consider supporting a local animal rescue with your time or money. You can even donate gifts, like toys and food. It’s a wonderful way to give back and help everyone through these challenging times.

It’s important to know how to be prepared for a possible hurricane; it’s something every local and potential visitor to an Anna Maria Island vacation rental should take very seriously.