Why Should You Visit Bean Point During Your Anna Maria Island Vacation?

Anna Maria Island beaches are famous for their sparkling white sand. Combined with the warm Florida sun and numerous water activities, you don’t have a reason to go far from your hotel! However, there is another stunning beach that is worth leaving your Anna Maria Island rental for a day in the sun.

Bean Point on Anna Maria Island is a hidden gem that has become a popular local attraction.

About Bean Point

Bean Point is the former home of the island’s founder, George Emerson Bean. The 160-acre homestead is now a historic and scenic beach. 

The original homestead and surrounding buildings are gone, leaving you with an unobstructed view of the beach and water. Sunsets are magnificent at Bean Point, and the area is also home to native birds and wildlife. The beach is open to the public, so bring a towel and a picnic meal!

family running down the beach

Directions to Bean Point

The secluded Anna Maria Island beach is off the regular trails, though it’s not far from popular Anna Maria Island vacation rentals. There are entrances marked with beach signs at the Fern Street and North Shore Drive intersection. There’s also one at Gladiolus Street and North Shore Drive. 

If you’ve rented a bike on the island, you can follow the same directions. You can leave your bike at the entrance or take it with you to the beach. You can also take advantage of the free Anna Maria Island trolley. It’s a good way to get in some sightseeing on your way to Bean Point. The trolley drops you off about 20 minutes away from the beach. It’s an easy walk you won’t mind, especially when you see the view!

Amenities and Parking

You won’t find any amenities at Bean Point, including lifeguards. There also aren’t any facilities. When the original structures were removed, no new ones were added to ensure a clear view of the water from any vantage point. 

Plan a Visit

Anna Maria Island rentals with pools are great. However, you’re missing out if you spend all of your time in the pool! Bean Point is one beach you don’t want to miss, even if you don’t like swimming in saltwater. If nothing else, go for the view and enjoy some time relaxing on the secluded beach.

If you decide to drive, parking is limited. The public beach does not have a dedicated parking lot. Vehicles are not allowed on the beach, so you can’t park on the sand. There are a few spots at the corner of Jacaranda Road and Fern Street. Spaces do fill up quickly by beachgoers and locals that live and work nearby. 

It’s best to plan on taking the trolley or renting an Anna Maria Island bike rental from a nearby shop. 

sunset on beach

Things to Do

Of course, there’s sunbathing and swimming. Picnics are also a great idea, especially since there aren’t any concession stands nearby. Bird watchers will want to bring their cameras; it’s one of the best places on the island to photograph the area’s feathered residents! There’s also plenty of wildlife to watch and capture on film. 

During low tide, you can wade out to the sand bar. It’s not far from the coast. The warm, turquoise water feels great on your feet and ankles. The sand bar on the beach is also a great place to sit and gather seashells. It’s an excellent reminder of your visit to Bean Point, and it’s also fun to decorate with shells when you’re back home!

When you want to do some exploring, nothing beats the dunes. You never know what you’ll see or find! If you wander to the northern edge of the Point, you’ll see a stunning view of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, the perfect place to watch the sunset over the island.