Rainy Day In Activities on Anna Maria

Rainy Day In Activities on Anna Maria

Has the weather tried to put a damper on your family beach vacation plans? While Anna Maria Island is known for our sunny days and beautiful beaches… Sometimes the rain clouds come and you just gotta create your own silver lining! We’ve got some great ideas for your rainy day in!


Weather forecast starting to look a little grim? There is no better escape than in the pages of a book! You can stop by the Island Library and get your reading rations before a storm hits. Whether you’re an annual resident, snowbird or a visiting tourist … all are welcome to enjoy the magnificent benefits we offer to our community. You can even take out other entertainment items like videos, puzzles, and magazines. 

Spa Day

Since you have to stay in, you might as well indulge in all things relaxing! Face masks, slippers, plush robes, back rubs, and even a mani-pedi all available at Spa Le (Insert Last Name Here). Take turns at different stations so everyone gets to enjoy! The sounds of the storm conveniently provide the perfect natural background noise to your luxurious spa experience.

Movie Night In

If the weather outside isn’t cooperating with your beach plans, or you’re just looking for a retreat: Try a family movie day! Rent or stream some movies you’ve always wanted your kids to see at home. Get cozy and make it a movies-in-pj’s day or if your crew is feeling a little bit antsy have everyone put on their favorite outfit and walk “the red carpet” before the movie and ask them some fun questions like an interviewer!

Board Games

This one is a no-brainer for any rainy day in. But since you have everyone here, this may be a good time to try a new board game or teach your family your favorite card game. Learning something new takes a little bit longer so what a way to seize a rainy beach day!


Kick off your day by starting a larger puzzle than maybe you’re used to. It’s a great asset to have set up in the house or rental so that your family members can work on it on-and-off throughout the day and can be a quiet, focused reprieve from any other activity.


Crafting is always a good idea for the whole family to participate in – even if you’re not budding artists! Since you’re at the beach, maybe you’ve collected some shells? You can string a souvenir necklace or simply paint on some of your shells and beach treasures! There are countless easy craft instructions available online for whatever your favorite medium or… you can always just take it easy with some coloring books. Even for adults, coloring books are shown to have many stress-relieving benefits.


Baking is always a good idea not just as a fun activity the whole family can jump in on but obviously also because you get the reap the benefits afterwards with a tasty treat! Just don’t forget to pick up some icing and sprinkles to decorate with some each person can add their own creative touch and taste.
Not into sweets? You can always do a make your own pizza night! Delicious, fun, and the perfect rainy night in dinner.


When the storm gets a little too much to handle and the cabin fever sets in… Time for a dance party! With the right playlist, EVERYONE can dance. You know your family’s favorites, or you can check out some great playlists on your go-to music app, like this one on Spotify as a way to introduce your kids to some classics or your favorites. Kick off your shoes and let loose, there’s never been a day that hasn’t been made brighter by a bit of dancing.

Here at A Paradise  we believe that every day on Anna Maria Island is beautiful, even the rainy ones. It’s all about how you make the best of it! So whether you’re worried about the weather ruining your Florida vacation plans or just hunkering down at home, we’ll be there to help with ideas and support your family dancing through any cloudy day.