Go Kayaking in Anna Maria Island on Your Next Trip

Anna Maria Island is a wonderous destination for those escaping to the Gulf of Mexico. On the island, there are a variety of activities to participate in, but kayaking in Anna Maria Island stands above them all! You will be given the opportunity to experience the local wildlife up close and personal away from local tourist spots. The plethora of kayaking options and what they entail can be a shock but have no fear!

Here is everything you need to know for your next kayaking trip near our Anna Maria Island vacation rentals.

Kayak Rentals

Beach Bums Island Attitude is a go-to destination for Anna Maria Island kayak rentals. Providing up-to-date single and tandem Ocean Kayaks, Beach Bums truly helps fit all types of people, including taller individuals who may struggle in a traditional-style kayak. You will be provided with a complimentary life jacket and free pickup and delivery to any vacation rental for rentals longer than 24 hours.

Recommended by Trip Advisor, Kayak Jack’s Paddle Sports has one motto: “You choose the location, we bring the fun!” Kayak Jack’s helps to bring that fun by offering a wide variety of launching points and tours for their kayak rentals. Alternatively, they will deliver your kayak rental to your vacation rental front door!

AMI Paddleboard Adventures is all about providing a versatile kayaking experience to their clients. Travel at your own pace by requesting a free delivery as early as 7 a.m. to your vacation rental. AMI will provide a coast guard approved life vest, as well as a whistle, to ensure that your kayak rental experience is a safe one.


A kayak tour in Anna Maria Island featuring Beach Bums starts with an orientation on Ocean Kayaks, proper techniques used to paddle, and an eco-friendly chat about the Florida mangroves. Along the tour, you’ll paddle through a variety of habitats where you’ll have the opportunity to see dolphins, manatees, a plethora of birds, and smaller wildlife such as hermit crabs and oysters. At the end of your tour, you’ll have the chance to stop off at a sandbar for a quick swim and a game of Island Limbo!

Kayak Jack’s Paddle Sports gives you the opportunity to partake in either a two-hour or four-hour guided eco-tour. With either of these tours, you have the option to launch from several points close to your vacation rental. A wide window of launch times is available for your choosing starting at 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Please remember that a two-kayak minimum is required for an eco-tour.

With AMI Paddleboard Adventures, a relaxing tour is just moments away. Offering three tour times daily, AMI’s guides will show you everything you need to know to paddle your kayak through the Florida mangroves. Along the way, you’ll look for small aquatic animals such as horseshoe crabs and starfish and may even be able to see a dolphin or manatee before the tour wraps up. This tour is the perfect opportunity to bask in the sun and get up close and personal with local wildlife.

What to Expect

When kayaking in Anna Maria Island, it’s best to be prepared. As with any water experience, ensure that you wear comfortable clothing. Swimsuits are recommended but are not often required. In addition, bring along a towel to dry off with and sunscreen to prevent any sunburns. 

Plan Your Visit

We offer large Anna Maria Island beach rentals that will make you never want to leave! If you’re ready to experience your home away from home, give us a call or visit our website to book your dream rental!

Most companies will provide a life vest but check with your rental company to ensure one is provided. While many kayaking spots are often through shallow water, some smaller children may have trouble standing and will require a life vest for safety. In the same vein, ensure that your party is comfortable with the potential wildlife you may encounter. While all the common wildlife you will see is extremely friendly, it’s best to be prepared.

Places to Stay

After your long day kayaking through the beautiful Florida mangroves, it’s always nice to relax your cares away. A Paradise Vacation Rentals offers an abundance of options to choose from that are ideally located to the perfect kayaking spots. We’ve been in business since 1989, and our team is ready to provide you with the outstanding customer service we’ve become known for and place you in one of our Anna Maria Island rentals that fits your every need.