Explore Anna Maria Island’s City Pier

Anna Maria Island boasts sparkling white sandy beaches, great food, history, and plenty of attractions. One of these attractions is the island’s City Pier, and it’s a place you don’t want to miss on your visit to Anna Maria Island!

City Pier History 

Anna Maria Island was only accessible by boat until 1921. To ensure docking space for large and small ships, the Anna Maria Island Development Company built City Pier, finishing it in 1912. The pier was primarily used to export and import fish and is still an important Anna Maria Island landmark to residents. 

Several major storms have damaged the pier in the 1970s, 80s, and 2012. Community activists have worked together each time to encourage the city to repair the damages. In 2016, the city allotted $1.7 million for renovations. 

City Pier suffered more damage in 2017, closing it to the public. With plans on reopening the historic pier, the city dedicated an additional $1.5 million. With renovations finished, there are even more reasons to leave your Anna Maria Island beachfront rental and stroll down the City Pier!

fishing pole with a sunset behind it

Newly Renovated

The historic L-shaped City Pier has recently been rebuilt and reopened and is a fun place to spend the day or evening. The 700-foot pier offers amazing views of the island’s Sunshine Skyway Bridge and Tampa Bay. There are plenty of spots perfect for fishing or watching the sunset. 


Florida state game and wildlife laws require you to have a fishing permit before you cast a line, except on a pier. It rarely makes sense for visitors to pay for a state fishing license when they’re only there for a few days. It’s different with Anna Maria Island fishing off City Pier. You don’t need a license to fish. 

When you’re throwing your line off of City Pier, your bait’s going into Tampa Bay. You can expect to catch a variety of fish, including Grouper, Flounder, and Red Snapper. It’s rare that you don’t catch anything. 

Restaurant and Gift Shop

The City Pier Restaurant is located at the end of Annas Maria City Pier. When you’re talking about where to go for dinner, the City Pier Restaurant is the place to go when you want seafood. It also serves delicious burgers and caters to vegetarians. It’s a fun place that has something on the menu for everyone. They are open for lunch and dinner throughout the week; it’s the perfect place to go for a quick or leisurely meal. 

When the Anna Maria Island weather permits, the restaurant hosts live music from local musicians. They even make their own jewelry on the end of the pier; the jeweler is onsite during the day, usually until sunset.

Along with having pieces created, you can browse through the collection of necklaces and earrings ready for sale. It’s the perfect way to end a day or a relaxing lunch. 

Plan Your Visit

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anna maria island city pier

Take a Stroll
Down a Historic Pier

Even though the fishing is great off the pier, it’s not the only reason to leave your Anna Maria Island rental with a pool. You can enjoy stunning views of the bridge, along with spectacular sunsets. There’s also food and shopping at the end of the L-shaped pier. 

It’s hard to beat the seafood at the City Pier Restaurant. You’re also sure to find a trinket you love at the gift shop next door. The historic City Pier is one sight you don’t want to miss while you’re staying at our Anna Maria Island rentals!