Enjoy a Drink at One of These Breweries Near Anna Maria Island

Are you a big beer person looking to try out some local breweries near Anna Maria Island? With a wide variety of brewery styles and places to grab a drink, Anna Maria Island has something for every beer lover. Here, we outline some of the best breweries near Anna Maria Island. Best of all, everything is just minutes from our Anna Maria Island vacation rentals, so you’ll have time to try them all!

beer taps
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The Good Liquid Brewing Co.

The Good Liquid Brewing Co. is a husband-and-wife-owned craft brewery and gastropub located in Bradenton, just on the mainland. The Good Liquid Brewing Co. is home to a variety of brew houses which allows them to produce large batches of multiple beers throughout the entire year. The taproom is constantly rotating its selections, which makes a great place to revisit constantly. With new sour beers and strange combinations always brewing, the Good Liquid Brewing Co. is a great stop for all beer lovers coming to Anna Maria Island. 

The Good Liquid Brewing Co. is located at 4824 14th Street West in Bradenton.

Darwin Brewing and Taproom

More of a lager beer drinker? The Darwin Brewing Company has you covered for your more traditional beer needs. The Darwin Brewing Company is known for its four flagship beers: The Summadayze IPA, the Circa 1926, the Llama Mama Stout, and the Pirata Pils. The Darwin Brewing Company also hosts a variety of great events includes trivia nights, the cheap beer pours, and live music on Friday nights. For a great night out with some fantastic beers, the Darwin Brewing Company is an excellent choice for all those visiting Anna Maria Island. They even have an outdoor seating area for enjoying the Anna Maria Island weather.

Darwin Brewing Company is located at 803 17th Avenue West in Bradenton.

Brewery tanks and equipment
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Motorworks Brewing

Motorworks Brewing is an excellent craft brewery located in the heart of downtown Bradenton. Motorworks Brewing is home to many award-winning beers that have spanned over the last six years. With winners like their Scottish style ale to their expresso-infused beer, Motorworks Brewing is exceptional at brewing beer! Motorworks Brewing also hosts a wide variety of events that you can attend throughout the week. Whether it is live concerts or trivia nights, there is something happening at Motorworks Brewing that is right up your alley. No matter your palate, you’ll find something to enjoy, from hibiscus infused beers to the lavender lemon shandy. Feel free to try them all before hitting one of the beaches in Anna Maria Island.

Motorworks Brewing is located at 1014 9th Street West in Bradenton.

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3 Keys Brewing and Eatery

Last, but certainly not least, is 3 Keys Brewing. 3 Keys Brewing is a small batch brewery located in Bradenton. 3 Keys is known for its excellent German pilsners and golden ales that keep all of the locals routinely coming back, and there’s a mouthwatering dish that will go perfectly with your drink. 3 Keys Brewing is always hosting happy hour events and live music concerts for you and your travelers to come and enjoy. Looking to try something new? Every Tuesday, the 3 Keys Brewery hosts a test batch sampling for the public to try out the newest batches.

With so many events and opportunities to try new beers, 3 Keys Brewing is a must-stop for all beer aficionados. 

3 Keys Brewing and Eatery is located at 2505 Manatee Avenue E in Bradenton.

With everything from small-batch breweries to longtime favorite breweries from the area, Bradenton and nearby Anna Maria Island are excellent places to go on vacation if you are looking for new and exciting beers. Plan your vacation and choose one of our Anna Maria Island rentals to come home to after your brewery explorations!