Vacation Rentals Vs. Hotels, Which is Better for a Family Vacation?

When deciding where to stay on your next family vacation, there is one battle that always pops up: vacation rentals vs. hotels. While hotels are convenient for many travelers, are they really the best choice? Take a look at the information when comparing them to our Anna Maria Island vacation rentals and decide for yourself before your next Anna Maria Island vacation.

back yard pool in Anna Maria Island

Save Money

Saving money certainly leans towards vacation rentals being the better option when comparing them to hotels. The first saving comes in the form of food expenses. When staying in a hotel, families often eat out in a restaurant spending hundreds to thousands of dollars for a single trip to the beach. Anna Maria Island beach rentals offer kitchens where families can cook their own meals and help drastically reduce your expenses when it comes to food.

Additional savings come in the form of laundry services. Hotels will frequently charge their guests, usually per item, for cleaning their clothes. Oftentimes, vacation rentals will come with a washer and dryer included where guests can wash their own clothes free of charge! Rentals will often provide guests with washing detergent as well for additional savings!

enclosed pool area in Anna Maria Island rental

Privacy & Security

One of the biggest concerns for vacationers is privacy and security. When staying at a hotel, guests have to worry about whether the location of the hotel is safe. Guests have to worry about whether or not housekeeping or a random guest is going to barge into the room at an inopportune moment. None of that is a concern with vacation rentals. Vacations rentals are situated in safe parts of town and often are gated or coded so only select people can enter. Additionally, random individuals intruding on you is not a worry as the rental is solely yours! No housekeepers and no one else with your key!

Book with Confidence

Booking with confidence is one of the top concerns with many vacationers and rightly so! So many times people will look at a hotel room online, book it, and be stuck in a completely different room because of overbooking, the room being unavailable, the room being damaged, or any number of other issues. With vacation rentals, you know exactly what you are booking and know with confidence that your hard-earned money is well spent! Vacation rentals are sorted by individual residence so you will know exactly what your room will look like, down to the art on the wall and the table settings!

In addition, vacation rentals provide a bit more flexibility when it comes to amendments if your vacation plans change. With hotels, if you need to change your reservation date, either the hotel has no rooms to provide you on the new dates or you will be charged a large fee just to change your vacation. With vacation rentals, changing the date is as simple as contacting the rental company. If the date is available, the date is yours!

Plan Your Next Vacation

Here at A Paradise Rentals, we offer a variety of Anna Maria Island pet-friendly rentals that will be perfect for you and your family! Give us a call today, or book directly on here, to get the process started and find your home away from home!

Feel Like a Local

Let’s face it. Hotels separate vacationers from the rest of the city and make them tourists. Vacation rentals are exactly the opposite! You are in a home alongside other locals! No longer are you looked at as a tourist, but another member of the community. Less of the spotlight is focused on you so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your trip.

When comparing hotels and our Anna Maria Island rentals, there are so many differences that it is mind-boggling! With the benefits of saving money, obtaining more privacy, knowing exactly what you are paying for, and feeling at home, vacation rentals stand far ahead of hotels.