Raising a Family on Anna Maria Island

Raising a Family on Anna Maria Island

If you’ve been considering moving to a new location or are just starting your family-planning, Anna Maria Island (AMI) is a great place for the whole family! The atmosphere, the community, and the opportunities on AMI and its surrounding towns make AMI the ideal place for both your kids and kids-at-heart. Not to mention, AMI is an incredibly safe place for your family.

National Geographic recently named the Bradenton-Sarasota-AMI area 14th happiest to live in the United States! The study found “locals smile and laugh more often, socialize several hours a day, have access to green spaces, and feel that they are making purposeful progress toward achieving life goals” in the happier cities according to National Geographic. So, what exactly makes AMI the right place for your family?

Here we answer many questions you may have on raising a family on Anna Maria Island.


Wonderful pre-school and day-care locations, a top-notch public elementary school, and great middle and high schools just over the bridge in Bradenton, providing your children with a great education is very accessible in this area. Anna Maria Elementary is known as “The little school by the bay” and their mission is: “Growing together as we plant seeds to learn, dream and succeed. We strive to support student experiences that will provide them the tools to be successful individuals and members of our community.” Small classroom sizes, experienced teachers and staff, emphasis on betterment of self, and an involved parent community makes this childhood education opportunity excellent.


For such a small-town, there are a plethora of activities for your kids on Anna Maria Island! The Center provides a great variety of team sports for your child (or yourself, in adult leagues!) to participate in throughout the whole year. Everything from soccer to tennis to baseball to basketball and more! If your child is more interested in the arts/music, they offer many classes as well! Places like the Art League, The Island Players Community Theatre and The Island Public Library also offer a wide array of classes and lessons in so many various subjects. There really are countless opportunities and activities for any child’s interest on AMI.


Anything you may need is often easily in walking or biking distance, and there’s even a free trolley that continually runs 7 days a week from one end of the island to the other. It’s a great biking town with bike lanes and bike paths that can make the entire 7-mile island accessible. The perfect place for your family to safely and eco-consciously navigate around Anna Maria Island.


Growing up with the beach as your playground provides your child with a natural emphasis on environmental causes. With frequent beach clean-ups, turtle walks, and more eco-friendly options available it can set in place many healthy habits to help our environment at a young age. As well as providing a respect for our local wildlife and piquing interest on many of our sea-life and nature.


The Anna Maria Island community really pours into its youth. There’s always something to look forward to with your family here- whether it be something like an art or music festival, holiday parade, school play, or library event. The community believes in supporting our local youth, and by providing community events that the whole family can enjoy, supports the growth and betterment of our city’s future.

Simply put, Anna Maria Island has all of the offerings to provide your children with the ideal place to grow up and a hometown worth always coming back to.

Anna Maria Island has so much to offer families, so if you’re ready to make the move or discuss what a move to AMI may look like your family, we’re here to help! We know moving a family is a big decision but we’re determined to make your process as painless as possible and welcome you with open arms.

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