6 Quick Organizing Tips You Can Accomplish in A Day

6 Quick Organizing Tips You Can Accomplish in A Day

The holiday season is coming up before we know it and we’re all spending more time at home than ever before. So what can we do to help make our homes more functional and less cluttered? Organizing your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful. Instead, there are several quick ways to take each of the main parts of the house and tidy up in a pinch. We’ve included some tips that are so simple you could accomplish them all even in one afternoon! 

  • Tackle that Tupperware
    • When you go to open up your kitchen storage drawer are you often left under a mountain of mismatched containers OR can never seem to find the right lid for that jar? Now’s the perfect time to go through and pair up your Tupperware matches and toss any that don’t have a match. Then, place your jars and containers with their matching lids so next time you go to grab a container for your leftovers: You’re ready to rock.
  • Unjumble the Junk Drawer 
    • It seems as though we all have the dreaded, chaotic junk drawer filled with push pins, paper clips, tape, extra scissors, paperwork, ribbon, and pretty much any random thing we haven’t found another place for. Use small containers to clean up that clutter and organize the necessities for when you need them!
  • Display Your Jewelry Piles
    • Don’t allow your jewelry to pile up on your dressers and side tables. Instead, display it in a way that’s functional, accessible and stylish too. That helps keep your favorite jewelry from tangling, getting lost, or rusting!
  • Keep Products From Your Counters
    • Counter space is prime real estate in your home! Don’t let them become cluttered and covered with all of your many products – especially in the bathroom! Baskets work and we recommend using extra shelving underneath the sink or above the toilet.
  • Put those Papers Away
    • Mail piles, flyers, bills, cards, etc. It doesn’t take long for loose papers to pile up and make any area of the home feel chaotic. Go through your random papers again – Recycle what you don’t absolutely need to keep and file away to organize the rest! Bonus points? Put instruction manuals in a three-ring binder and you’ll never rifle through drawers again.
  • Organize Your Medicine Cabinet
    • Make your medicine cabinet a repository of things you need and use regularly, which means chucking any outdated medicines and relocating excess to another location. Toss those expired medicines and random bottles. Organizing your medicine cabinet to only feature useful times or necessities.

Taking a little bit of time to tackle some of the cluttered spaces of your home and organizing in a functional and clean way is a great way to spend an afternoon that will make you feel better about the busy months to come.

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