Keep AMI Beautiful – Celebrate Earth Day

Keep AMI Beautiful – Celebrate Earth Day

We are so blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. People travel from all over the world to visit the beaches of Anna Maria Island – to bask in the sunshine, savor the sunsets, wiggle their toes in our powdery sand, and play in our crystal clear waters. There are so many magnificent things that Mother Nature has given us on the Gulf Coast, we have to do all we can to help keep AMI beautiful.

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd so we thought we’d share about some events happening in the area, as well as, ways you can be show love to our environment all year round!

Earth Day 2021 Events

Take Part of Oscar Scherer’s Virtual 32nd Annual Earth Day!

The National Earth Day theme this year is “Restore Our Earth.” Oscar Scherer has partnered with local environmental organizations this year to bring you a virtual event. 22 ways in 22 days countdown will begin April 1st. Visit the Friends of Oscar Scherer Facebook page daily for the organization’s fun video, action item, and scavenger hunt. For more details: Check out the Facebook page!

Give a little time and #KeepManateeBeautiful. Register for Earth Day service with Keep Manatee Beautiful at . You will be able to participate in a litter cleanup, do some yard work, plant native flowers and so much more on Friday, April 24th.

Here are a couple of things you can do year-round to be environmentally thoughtful in the area:

Earth Day

Always remember to fill the holes you’ve dug at the beach! This helps to protect the beloved sea turtles who swim and feed near our beaches during the months of May through October.

Pick up trash on your beach walks. When shelling on AMI or talking a leisure stroll on the beach, pick up any plastics or trash on your way back! This makes a huge difference in not only keeping our beaches beautiful but in protecting our sea life.

Pledge to bike ride or walk! Walking and bike riding is the best option for enjoying the great outdoors. The more and more visitors come to AMI, the more and more cars are coming on to AMI so pleading to bike-ride or walk while on the island can greatly help not only with traffic but to lessen your carbon footprint.

Choose reef-safe sunscreen! Research shows that some 90% of sunscreens are taking a serious toll on the environment – contributing to the bleaching and inevitable death of coral. While more than 90% of sunscreens on the market contain harmful chemicals, there are numerous reef-safe brands and harsh-chemical-free sunscreens available at your disposal. Do your research and check the ingredient list in your sunscreens. Not only is it better for our oceans, but it’s also more gentle for your skin and is

We’re thankful to have constant reminders of the natural beauty here on AMI, so please join us in pledging to do some good this Earth day!

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