Island Pet Sitting Service

Island Pet Sitting Service

Clare Talbert…941-778-2343 or 941-730-8574

Peggy Burch…941-778-1622 or 941-730-7896

References will be provided at the orientation visit.

How it works…leave your pet in the comfort of your own home or rental unit; allowing for minimal interruption of their daily routines.

A Good Sit (One visit per day)
For the dog that is able to come and go through a doggy door. This dog is ok with alone time; needs minimal attention and will have one quick visit a day for fresh food, water and a little love. $20/Day

Happy dog (Two visits per day)
For the dog who needs a little more exercise and a chance to get out of the house. A couple of visits a day is perfect for this dog. There will be a walk around the neighborhood with a couple of potty breaks. $40/Day

Lucky dog (Three visits per day)
For the dog whose attention span is a little shorter… Perhaps a younger dog with lots of energy. The happy dog will have three visits and more adventurous walks to burn energy and with your permission, some basic obedience training. $60/Day

Additional services 
Overnight stays: some pets are more comfortable and less stressed when they have someone stay with them overnight. We will stay with your pet through the night 9pm to 6am . $65/Night stay