Home How To: 5 Easy Steps to Make a Gallery Wall

Home How To: 5 Easy Steps to Make a Gallery Wall

There’s no better time than today to add some excitement to your home! The hottest new home decor trend is a gallery wall. You’ve seen them taking over HGTV and the latest interior design magazines, but they’re not just for professional designers or art gallery curators. It’s a simple way to add a lot of character to your living space.

You can create your own gallery wall in these 5 steps:

Gather your favorite pieces

This should represent your unique taste and character. However, it’s also a way to think a little outside the box. Gather all of your favorite pieces of art. You can keep them all as framed paintings or pictures, or jazz it up with various textures and wall fixtures. The most important thing to keep in mind when planning is to gather all you can – you never know which unexpected piece could complement another.

Pick your focal point

Keep your largest, loudest piece in mind. It is usually easiest to pick one or two pieces that enhance each other to be your centerpiece and build out from there. These one or two focal pieces will help you to choose your complementary colors and elements.

Think about placement

It’s all about balance and spacing. You want all sides of the gallery wall to feel even. The most hands-on and easiest way to place your art is to lay the items out on the floor. That way, you can arrange and rearrange your pieces to your liking in a way that you can see a realistic layout. 

Choose your tools

Consider the wall you’re using and the weight of the items you will be hanging. If you are using a larger number of pieces on your wall, you may not want to put a hammer and nails up for each way. There are plenty of avoidable and affective ways to use wall adhesive, clips, or hooks. 

Adjust and enjoy!

Don’t worry – no gallery wall is perfect! Adjust according to your taste, and keep adjusting until you feel it’s just right.

Join the hottest home decor trend with your own gallery wall! Start gathering your pieces or you can shop for local art at nearby dealers. On Anna Maria Island, we love collecting from places like The Sanddollar, Island Cabana, Ginny & Jane E’s, and any of our other local boutiques!