Have a Staycation on AMI

Have a Staycation on AMI

You’ve been cooped up with your family for months on end, trying to juggle the many different life-changes thrown at you in this uncertain time. Now, with Summer upon us, we want to remind you to take some time for yourself to relax.

During these difficult times, the need to find some way to escape and recharge is perhaps even more important than it had been in years past. A great way to reconnect and relax is through a thoughtful staycation or vacation to Anna Maria Island this year.

Welcome back visitors!

Travelers help stimulate our local economy. Visitors support our many small businesses and the countless tourism industry employees in Anna Maria and the surrounding areas who truly depend on tourists and seasonal visitors for their livelihood. Our local businesses have taken a mighty hit with closures during some of our busiest months and the shutdown of basically all tourism to our area. These businesses and their hard-working teams need support. There are countless area businesses who would love to safely serve you and welcome you back to our AMI.

Another thing to note, our island has so many options for vacation rentals. These trusted, professionally cleaned homes can provide a sanctuary from the craziness of the world and you don’t have to deal with a busy or crowded area of a hotel. There are way less contact points at a vacation rental by the beach than at a hotel in a city. We have countless options of vacation rentals we can help place you in – if you’re looking for just a solo weekend getaway, or a longer trip with the whole family. You’ll see we have something safe and wonderful available for everyone.

We understand apprehension for international travel at the moment, so know that if you’re seeking a nearby staycation or vacation just to get away and unwind at the beach a bit… Give us a call. We’d be happy to help! (800) 237-2252

Photo from Pexels.com.