Handy Decoration Ideas for Halloween

Handy Decoration Ideas for Halloween

It feels as if October flew off to a quick start so maybe Halloween crept up on you and now you’re frightened thinking about all you have to do before the holiday haunts begin! Don’t get batty, we’ve summoned some handy decoration help. Here are 6 easy, inexpensive, and creative DIY craft ideas that your whole family can be a part of the fun of making… and then abracadabra your Halloween decor is done!

1. Candy Corn Garland

Maybe you’ve made some popcorn garland at Christmastime… Well, grab a bag of candy corn and your needle and thread (or fishing line) to string some candy corn! This can actually be quite a therapeutic activity and it makes a really sweet decoration to hang from your mantle or on a wall!

2. Black Roses

Grab a roll of black crepe paper to twist into black roses and add some scream to your streamers. Attach the flowers to wire to throw in a vase or leave as-is and set along a bowl for an elegant and eerie centerpiece! For a step by step: https://bit.ly/2PwSxXZ

3. Bloody Candles

You can use any cheap candles for this easy and creepy decoration. Just buy a set of white candles and one red candle. Place the white candles where you’d like them – in a lantern for spookiness, in a candelabra for dramatic flair, or any candle holder for subtlety. Then, light the red candle. Once the red candle starts to melt you just drip the red candle wax over top of the white candles, to look like drops of blood. Then, when the big day comes you can light the white candles and bask in your hacking… Craft hacking, that is.

4. Pumpkin Balloons

A pack of orange balloons, black construction paper, and tape. Like carving pumpkins but without the mess or worry! This is a great craft for little ones. Cut out jack-o-lantern faces from the construction paper and use double-sided tape to stick to the orange inflated balloon. You can also use the same idea to make white balloons into cute floating ghosts!

5. Googly Eyes

Another fun activity for little ones and grown ups alike. Adding googly eyes to simple things like a tiny pumpkin is cute but… adding googly eyes to old family photos is even better. For a party, you can add googly eyes to black plastic cups to give it a spooky-fun look for when you turn down the lights.

6. Black Spray Paint

It’s scary how easy this tip is – Just grab a can of black spray paint and look at what you have lying around the house! Give an old wreath a singed look by spraying it black. Update an old vase with a new coat of black paint. And of course, we recommend adding some googly eyes to your newly painted black pumpkin or fake plant. You can even just take a step outside and grab some fallen twigs to spray paint black to put in vases or mason jars.

Happy creepy crafting from your friends at A Paradise!