DIY Projects for Your Home

DIY Projects for Your Home

While spending more time in our homes than usual, it’s common to get bored of your decor. If you think a space needs to get a little jazzed up, you’ve come to the right place.

However, in a time like this, you don’t necessarily want to make any huge investments or try to make any life-changing alterations. So, let’s get crafty with some simple ways to freshen up your home! Here are 7 super easy DIY ways to work on your home that doesn’t involve knocking down any walls or huge decisions. 

Create a Gallery Wall
The hottest home decor trend is a gallery wall. You’ve seen them taking over HGTV and the latest interior design magazines, but they’re not just for professional designers or art gallery curators. It’s a simple way to add a lot of character to your living space.Start gathering your pieces or you can shop for local art at nearby dealers. Click Here for our very own Gallery Wall How-To.

Add Chalkboard Wall Paint
Put a chalkboard anywhere you can paint – this addition works especially wonderfully for kitchens and kids rooms. These paints allow your inside decor to change all the time as you can decorate it yourself with chalk!

Paint the Front Door
The front door is usually the first thing people see when entering your home. Make a great impression with a bright, welcoming front door color. Not sure what hue to choose? Check out our blog on how color can affect mood!

Cork Crafts from pixabayRemove a Popcorn Ceiling
Are you sick of the look of your popcorn ceilings? Luckily, they’re easily removed with the help of a wet/dry vac and a drywall knife. Note: If your home was built before 1979, test for lead and asbestos before starting this project. Click here for HGTV’s How-To.

Organize Your Pantry With Baskets
Do pictures of organized pantries bring you joy and jealousy? Give your messy closet a pretty, practical overhaul by placing pantry staples in dedicated bins. For more insight on how to make your pantry pretty, find some inspiration and read the expertise from The Home Edit.

Go Green with House Plants
With good reason, adding house plants makes a space appear much more open and airy, adds depth, and adds a pop of fresh and lush color to any room. But did you know that it actually offers other legitimate health benefits? Read through our blog on why houseplants are a great addition to any home for many reasons!

Reuse your Stash with Wine Cork Crafts
Make your wine drinking useful with some cork crafts! You can make an elegant vase, a funky frame, a functional jewelry holder, and so many different pieces of decor with just a handful of wine corks and some common household items like superglue or paint! Start with some of these ideas from Country Living.

Looking for some more inspiration for DIY projects while you’re at home? Our blog on simple ways to jazz up your space has some more great ideas! There are countless ways that take little time and little money to make a big difference in your home. One step at a time, you can make even your most treasured room even more exciting. Happy decorating!

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