Back-To-School Organization Tips

Back-To-School Organization Tips

The kids are back-to-school but just because they are out of the house, doesn’t mean the whirlwind ends. Usually it means it’s just beginning! Now there’s homework and after-school activities and and play dates and projects. Did you know that the environment you’re in can greatly add to or help stress levels in your home? We’ve rounded up some quick tips for back-to-school organization that are small, but may be a big help in the day-to-day.

File Everything

The beginning of the school year kicks-off a lot of handouts and take-home files stuffed in a backpack. Many of the documents may seem unimportant now, but may come in handy later! Have a filebox or cabinet drawer dedicated to these items, and color-code for each child. This can also offer a place for your child to unload past assignments or work.

Designate a Homework Station

Have a place in your home that is designated for homework. Creating a space that is quiet and productive, stocked with any homework essentials (pencils, erasers, rulers, etc.) will increase productivity and decrease the rest of your house being scattered with various loose pages.

Start a Supply Stash

Here’s a great tip for a couple of weeks after school starts: Stock up now. A couple of weeks after back-to-school is when the deals hit. Visit your nearby Target, Walmart, or Office Supply store to pick up school supplies while they’re heavily discounted. You may have enough for the start of the school year and you may not have heard a need for poster board or index cards just yet but… it’s coming. Buying a few while they’re on sale and putting them away will not only help save money but will save stress when you hear the inevitable 9pm “I have a project due tomorrow” please.

Family Calendar

It’s normal (and practical) nowadays to operate your entire calendar on your phone. But when it comes to family matters, we recommend a physical copy as well! Having a physical calendar where the whole family can see it can help ensure you are on the same page… literally and figuratively. Include any after-school activities like school dances or basketball practice, birthday parties, doctor’s appointments, and due dates for big projects. This visual layout can help make it easier for your kids to be aware and count down to specific events, as well as make you more aware and help anticipate what days may be busier than others.