Anna Maria Island Breakfast: Ginny and Jane E’s

Anna Maria Island Breakfast: Ginny and Jane E’s

Ginny and Jane E’sOn any given day at about 9am, Ginny and Jane E’s has a line at the back of the store waiting to order. As an Anna Maria Island breakfast and lunch essential, Ginny and Jane E’s attracts vacationers and locals each and every day to enjoy some of the best food the island has to offer. After the orders are place, most people meander throughout the store checking out everything they have to offer. After all, this place is in a league all its own. There is something hanging in every space on every wall and in between. From unique clothing to post cards to original art and decorative items, Ginny and Jane E’s has it all. The way everything is displayed is what makes the place so exceptional.

Ginny and Jane E’s location is in an old IGA grocery store. Back in the day, this was where the locals went for groceries. Once it was empty, the original owners of the current business – yes, Ginny and Jane (sisters) – turned it into the most amazing store/café. Over the years, locals have gathered in the back around one of the shabby chic tables and mismatched chairs that give the place so much character to have their morning coffee and telling stories with friends.

The Bakery/Café

It has changed hands a couple of times throughout the years, but Ginny and Jane E’s has always maintained its individuality and wow factor that keep people coming back. For the current owners, Tammy and Paul Foster, the café is the focus of the business. The menu features tons of options to appeal to anyone.

ginny cinnamon rollsOne of the best things to see is the moment a family gets up to the front of the line (it may take a bit of time, but it’s worth it) and the kids see the enormous cinnamon rolls. They are absolutely gigantic and taste as good as they look. Even though kids may be on a bit of sugar high for a while, they have to have at least one while they are there – if not a couple over the week.

Everything is made to order which is why it may take a bit longer to get your food than other restaurants. Even so, anyone who eats there will tell you that it is totally worth the wait. From French toast to custom omelets to the best egg sandwiches, Ginny and Jane E’s offers some of the best Anna Maria Island breakfast treats. With the expansion of the café, the menu offers a large selection of lunch fares that are just as delectable as breakfast. Oh and they offer beer and wine too!

Ginny and Jane E’s StorefrontGinny and Jane E’s Storefront

As for the front of the store, it’s hard to describe it. You can use words like funky, eclectic, off the wall, or really cool but you have to see it to believe it. There is even a bicycle hanging from the ceiling that is decorated like mod podge in seashells and definitely stops people in their tracks. Ginny and Jane E’s is, without a doubt, where you want to go for mementos from your trip, one-of-a-kind clothing, great home décor and whatever else you can think of.

Ginny and Jane E’s is located at 9807 Gulf Drive at the corner of Gulf and Magnolia in the heart of the city of Anna Maria. Make sure you put this on your list of places to go but don’t expect to get in and out in a short amount of time. The food is made to order so it takes a little time. On top of that, wandering around the store takes even more time. But trust us, if you want an authentic Anna Maria Island breakfast or lunch that stops you in your tracks,  it’s worth every minute you spend in there.