10 Tips to Step-Up your Spring Cleaning


So, you’ve got some time at home and you’re wanting to step your cleaning game up a bit… We decided to round up a list of some tips, reminders, and hacks to step-up (and simplify) Spring Cleaning season!

First, set your intentions and get your mood set. If you look at just how much work there is and how many things you have to go through, you’re setting yourself up for stress. Cleaning should ultimately help you to simplify your life. Start with just looking at one room at a time, and then take it even smaller. One drawer, one shelf, one bin. Set intentions to just tackle one at a time and don’t move on to the next until that one is completely done. Celebrate each step done. What makes it even better? Put on some good tunes and dance!

Reusable grocery bags are awesome, but they can get grimy with time. Run your reusable bags through the washer regularly to remove any lingering food bacteria, turning them inside out before you toss them in. (Pay attention to the bag’s fabric when selecting a dryer setting.)

Even when curtains seem clean, they are definite dust collectors. If you simply need to get some obvious cling-ons, consider using a lint roller. For a deeper clean, run them through an air-fluff cycle in the dryer with a damp towel for about 15 minutes then re-hang them immediately so they don’t wrinkle!

Another curtain you may have neglected: shower curtain. Has yours been collecting gunk? You can wash a plastic or vinyl curtain in your washing machine! Throw it in with detergent and a couple of bath towels for extra cleaning power on the gentle cycle. Then, just hang it to dry. To keep the curtain cleaner longer, spritz it a few times each month with a bleach-containing all-purpose cleaner and just let the shower rinse it off before you hop in.

Did you know you can use a pillowcase to clean your dreaded ceiling fan blades? Of course, you can bust out the long duster and do your normal fan-cleaning-steps. But what about the dust that inevitably falls? A great hack is that you can fit a pillowcase around the fan blade, and use it as a dust rag. Any dust that falls will land into the pillowcase rather than on the floor or furniture below!

Running low on cleaning supplies and don’t want to run to the store? To clean chrome or stainless steel appliances, fill a spray bottle with a mixture of 50 percent rubbing alcohol and 50 percent water. Use a dry cloth to polish or to remove water spots and fingerprints left behind.

Mineral deposits in water can affect the showerhead over time… and oftentimes it feels like once it starts building up, it’s a goner. Keep the jets in the nozzle clear and clean by misting the showerhead with a mixture of 50 percent white vinegar and 50 percent water. Allow it to sit and drip for a few minutes and then wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

We spend a lot of time in our beds, an average of 3,000 hours a year! Of course you know it’s important to rotate your mattress a few times a year but it’s important to spruce it up, too! To clean the mattress, vacuum the surface. Then, sprinkle on a mixture of baking soda mixed with a few drops of essential oil (we suggest lavender, which promotes relaxation.) Let this sit for a couple of hours then vacuum the mixture away.

Organize your files and back-up important documents or keepsakes. It’s a seemingly overwhelming task but it’s important to get done so why not start now? Spend a day dedicated just to getting your files organized and your office/file storage space decluttered. Take the time to back up files on external or cloud devices so that they’re secured and label any files for your future convenience.

Dig into that makeup bag, bathroom storage, and product pile. Getting rid of expired makeup, skincare, and hair products is a quick way to declutter. Take it another step and clean your makeup brushes – something that should be done every few months but is easily forgotten. To clean makeup brushes, simply squeeze a few drops of shampoo or dish liquid into your palm and rub the bristles into the soap, gently work the suds through them. To rinse, hold the brush (bristles down) under warm running water. Gently shake over the sink to remove excess water, and lay the brush down on a paper towel to finish drying – overnight is best.

Spring Cleaning may not be everyone’s idea of a fun time but with the right mindset, a fun playlist, and these easy hacks and suggestions – it will definitely be worthwhile. Just take it one step at a time and you’re on your way to a cleaner and more productive home!

Photo from Unsplash