Why is Fall the Best Time to Visit Anna Maria Island?

Anna Maria Island is a fantastic Florida vacation destination for when you just want to get away from it all. You won’t find the crowded attractions and streets full of high-rises everywhere you turn. Instead, you’ll stroll down the street, wave at the locals, and truly allow yourself to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Anna Maria Island has managed to maintain that “Old Florida” feeling and attracts guests from around the world to visit during every season.

Fall in Anna Maria Island is one of the most magical times of the year. While many people choose to visit Anna Maria Island in the summer, there are a plethora of benefits to visiting in the fall that many people never consider. If you happen to still have some vacation time left or you’re looking for a family-friendly destination to bring your kids for fall break, look no further! Here are all the benefits of booking a fall Anna Maria Island vacation rental today.

sunset beach
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Save on Your Vacation

One of the best benefits of visiting Anna Maria Island in the fall is that you will save tons of money on your vacation. The summer months tend to bring high prices for beachfront vacation rentals since property owners know their accommodations will be highly sought-after. They can afford to raise their rates astronomically because they know someone will book their unit regardless of the price.

During the off-season, however, it’s a different story. The prices of beach rentals drop significantly since there aren’t nearly as many tourists in the area. Property owners will drop their prices in order to fill their rentals and still try to make a little profit during this slower period. This is the perfect time to snag a great deal and book an otherwise expensive beach house for next to nothing. You may even be able to negotiate a price on your rental, especially if you’re staying for a week or longer.

Further, if your beach house has a grill that you can utilize, you can dine on more expensive meals, such as steak, for much cheaper than normal. Of course, it’s always a great experience to go out and eat at one of the local restaurants, but that can add up quickly. By indulging on a luxurious meal in your rental, you can guarantee you get your food exactly the way you want it while also saving money! 

Less Crowds

The second reason to visit Anna Maria Island in the fall is that it allows you to experience a more natural side of Florida. With less tourism during the fall, more Florida natives tend to visit the area. This is the perfect opportunity to meet real locals and discuss life on Anna Maria Island.

With fewer people visiting the area, that means fewer crowds at some of the best spots on Anna Maria Island. Whether you are looking at visiting a popular restaurant, strolling along the beach, or partaking in a relaxing sunset cruise, you are guaranteed to have little to no crowds to contend with and will have free reign to participate in any activity that catches your eye.

Many families particularly love Anna Maria Island in the fall, especially if they’re traveling with small children. Every parent knows the horror of losing your child in a big crowd, but that’s never an issue with a fall trip to Anna Maria Island. There aren’t nearly as many people around, so you can always keep an eye on your kids or let them run around outside without worrying about their safety.

Plan Your Next Vacation

Whether you want to stay in Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach, or the city of Anna Maria, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about all of our Anna Maria Island rentals!

Beautiful Weather

When people picture Anna Maria Island in the fall, they often picture cold beaches, cloudy skies, and a generally miserable time. This is most certainly not the case! During the fall, Florida experiences some of the best weather all year! The water is still warm enough for a swim and the overall temperature is still high enough to lay on the Anna Maria Island beaches.

group of beach goers running into the ocean

Anna Maria Island weather in the fall tends to reach highs in the mid-80s and lows around 60 or 70 degrees. While you may need a light jacket in the mornings and evenings, the daytime is still warm enough to break out your shorts and t-shirts. You can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities without worrying about the weather impacting your plans. 

Where to Stay

If we’ve convinced you that Anna Maria Island is the perfect spot for your fall vacation, you’re going to need a place to stay! Luckily, we have tons of desirable options for your group. We are able to easily accommodate parties big and small and offer some of the most competitive prices on the island in our Anna Maria Island vacation rentals.