Outdated and uncomfortable- old mattress ruined sleep & overall quality of experience

This review is about this particular unit. I want to say that RAB itself is lovely and we enjoyed the location and the facilities! It’s just that this unit is subpar of any others we’ve seen advertised. We could tell from the pictures that we were renting an older unit that had not been updated. That was honestly ok with us because that’s just about appearance. Or so we thought. Sure, the furnishings and decor were old and outdated, especially as compared with many other units in Runaway Bay. We expected that. In fact, we honestly found that to feel retro and kitschy and that was ok with us because at least it was clean and well-maintained. But that mattress! The worst part, and honestly, the truly unacceptable part was the mattress in the bedroom. Oh my goodness1 The mattress in the bedroom was extremely old, very thin and horribly uncomfortable. It was obviously not a hotel industry mattress as it was covered in that ugly floral pattern we all remember from the really old mattresses in our childhood homes. I’m talking about OLD. Worn down, thin and completely uncomfortable. Truly, how many years’ worth of people have used that thing for it to be that flat and that uncomfortable?? And you’re stuck once you realize this because it’s not like you can call the office, complain and get a replacement. It was awful! There’s no excuse for not replacing the mattress more often when renters are paying for a condo at the prices we currently pay for units on the island! The least we should be able to expect is a thick, recently purchased, comfortable mattress. Because this affects EVERY day of your stay when you sleep restlessly and wake up sore and achy! The mattress at the Econo Lodge we stay at during our 2 day drive to and from Florida for $65 a night was FAR superior to this one. That’s saying something. We were very disappointed and would not stay here again or recommend it. The owner needs to put some money into making the unit comfortable and updated. It wouldn’t take much! Until you see that noted in the comments about this unit, I would encourage you to pass on this one!