Now Is The Time To Buy!

Now Is The Time To Buy!

If you’ve been looking to buy/sell a home and have done your research, you may be aware that Spring is when the traditional homebuyer season is said to begin. However, the best time to buy a house is actually during the colder weather.

While the temperature usually doesn’t take a huge dip here on Anna Maria Island – there are still many reasons to start your home buying process in the Winter months, specifically in January and February.

A NerdWallet study pinpoints the exact best month to buy a house – January. This is something every real estate investor should keep in mind and paying attention to this timing can help find the best deal possible. Property investors can benefit in multiple ways by purchasing an investment property this month.

Home prices in January typically take a dip and reach their lowest point compared to other months. Again, even in warm and tropical Anna Maria Island and Bradenton areas.
In fact, NerdWallet’s study analyzed historical data and found that “in January and February, home sales prices were 8.45% lower on average than in June through August.” Properties for sale in January were found to be sold for approximately $7,000 less than the listing price.

In the springtime, you’ll have to compete against many more property investors and homebuyers. While the number of houses for sale drops in the winter, the number of buyers also declines even more. With less competition, there’s more opportunity to snag what you want for the best price possible. According to the same study, there are almost twice as many people buying properties in June as there are in January.

If you’re thinking of buying a rental property and making money in real estate, don’t wait for the later months! Take advantage of the benefits January and February offer and make an offer! Properties are for sale for lower prices, sellers are desperate to sell, and the housing market is in your favor.

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