Make your own Coastal Christmas Ornaments

Make your own Coastal Christmas Ornaments

Our ‘dreaming of a white Christmas’ here on Anna Maria Island really just refers to our soft white sand on the beaches. So how do we help make our coastal paradise get in the holiday spirit? By bringing the beach to Christmas!

Here are 4 fun DIY beach-themed ornaments you can make at home with very few supplies to add a personal touch to your beachside Christmas decor. It’s a great craft to do with the family while the kids are out of school or an awesome and inexpensive last-minute Christmas gift for friends, family, or a neighbor!

Scallop or Mermaid Tail
glass ornaments / craft paint / assorted glitter / decoupage medium / foam pouncer / paintbrushes

1. Remove the metal top and squirt about a tablespoon of paint into each ornament and shake it around until the entire inside is opaque. Allow them to dry completely, overnight is best.
2. Pour a little decoupage onto a paper plate. Dip the foam pouncer into the decoupage and then stamp it around the top of an ornament.
3. Carefully sprinkle glitter over the areas you just stamped. Shake off the excess and place it back in the tray the ornaments came in. Allow it to dry completely, at least 3-4 hours.
4. Once dry, use a large dry paint brush to brush off the excess glitter.
5.Then brush a thin coat of decoupage over the glittered areas to help seal it.
6. Allow the ornaments to dry completely (overnight is best) and then replace the metal toppers.

Beach Terrarium
glass ornament / sand / your beach findings!

1. Head to the beach and snag a little bit of sand and a few miniature seashells!
2. Open up your ornament and add the sand first! Then, add tiny seashells.
3. If desired add some clear diamond dust glitter to the sand to give it a little shimmer.

Fishbowl Ornament
glass ornament / aquarium gravel / fishing line / play fish

1. Real aquarium gravel makes this fish bowl ornament extra convincing.. Sprinkle a little bit of colorful aquarium gravel to get started.
2. Complete the underwater illusion by threading some fishing line through a vinyl fish (can be found at a Dollar Store or craft supply) and use to suspend it through the metal topper of the ornament.

glass ornament balls / Martha Stewart glass paint – sea glass / foam pouncers

1. Clean your glass ornament with rubbing alcohol. This removes any grease that might exist on the glass and allows the paint to adhere best.
2. Squirt on the MS Glass Paint and use your sponge dabber to evenly distribute the paint. The sponge will leave a bit of texture on the ornament which will become more subtle as it dries. It actually adds a more authentic look to the glass bauble.
3. Allow to dry and embellish (if desired) with shells or ribbon.

We love seeing your coastal Holiday decorations, so if you decide to try one of these be sure to tag us at Visit A Paradise! And if you’re a little jealous of our beachfront holiday season, well, give us a call and we’ll help you make next December TRULY the most wonderful time of the year – by joining us on Anna Maria Island!

Bring the beach to Christmas by making DIY ornaments.