Keep Paradise Clean: Help Sweep The Beach

Keep Paradise Clean: Help Sweep The Beach

A very popular activity and stress-reliever for those of us who live, work, play or visit the beautiful beaches of Anna Maria Island is to take a nice walk on the beach.

In fact, we’ve even written a past blog all about the health benefits of walking on the beach! It’s good for the mind and body to get out there and stroll on the shore.

But what about environmentally? There’s a really easy way to make your walks on the beach beneficial to our beaches themselves, as well! Help pick up litter!

It’s no secret that even with frequent community beach cleanups, county cleaning, and sand combing, there is sadly always more that needs to be done to take care of our beaches and the animals that live there. You can be a positive part of this simply helping to pick up litter on your beach walks or after a long day on the Gulf.

It’s not just some trash left on the beach… It’s all connected. The impact of garbage on the beaches and in waterways is an enormous strain on wildlife. This effect works its way up through the food chain, and has global implications. Not only during Turtle Season but year-round our ecosystem is affected by the trash, big and small, that humans leave behind. The results can be heartbreaking. So, help us to join the solution.

We are blessed to get to enjoy paradise and the many natural wonders of the Sunshine State – so let’s help keep it beautiful and clean not only for our future generations to enjoy but even to protect the animals who have always called our beaches home! It only takes a series of small steps to eventually make a big difference for the better in our world.

Keep a reusable bag in your car and next time you head to the beach bring it with and pick up any trash you see on your walk back. Make your sunset stroll a search for smaller items left behind – plastic, cigarette butts, straws, etc. Get your family and kids involved – make a contest out of it! You can even head to our friends at Island Coffee Haus to pick up a ‘rubbish bucket’ and join in their initiative: a free coffee if you pick up a bucket of trash from our beach!

At our office we are taking a pledge to not just make sure we’re always cleaning up for ourselves but picking up what is left behind by others, too.

We’re all a family here on AMI and at A Paradise, and it’s important to keep our home thriving. Join us in keeping paradise clean and help sweep our beaches!