It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Stone Crab Season.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Stone Crab Season.

In most places across the country people are pulling out their winter clothes, dusting off their snow shovels, and gathering wood for their fireplace. Here in Florida, we’ve polished our crab forks and started melting some butter.

Stone Crab is a staple in the Anna Maria Island area. There are generations of local families dedicated to it, trips planned around it, and even whole festivals celebrating it.

From October to May 15th, you can get the freshest and juiciest crustaceans caught and served right here in the area, our beloved Stone Crab claws.

Stone Crab claws are known for being a local delicacy. Served hot or cold, and with drawn butter or hot mustard. These claws are always light, sweet, and easy-to-eat. With a simple crack to the shell, the glorious white meat is revealed and dinner (or lunch or breakfast.. anything goes) is served!

Not only are they tasty, they are also sustainable with a unique way of getting to your plate.

When our commercial fisherman pull up their crab traps, they remove a claw and toss the crab back into the Gulf. The crab continues on its way and regenerates a new claw within a year.

If you are a local, or happen to be in the area from October until May, you can’t miss this delicious dish. Local seafood restaurants in the area like, Swordfish Grill and Starfish Company, are already doing the hard work for you. Supplying, cooking, and cracking the crab to perfection. So, head on in and enjoy this signature Florida food while it’s hot (or cold).