Island Back-to-School Check-List

Island Back-to-School Check-List

As the Summer days starts to wind down and many families are preparing for the beginning of a new school year, we know the lists and to-dos can be overwhelming. So, we’ve decided to break the categories down easily for you with some fun Anna Maria Island-specific tips and ideas for you. Here’s to a happy new school year for you and yours from our A Paradise family!

1. Take Care of Business

Of course, we have to get the more-obvious business out of the way first. Registration, forms, scheduling, transportation plans, specific school supplies acquired. Check with the county website or your local school website for specifics. Just as most less-fun tasks go, it’s always a better idea to get this all done as soon as possible so you can actually enjoy your last bit of Summer without the looming worry of forgetting something.

School Outfits

2. Find a Fun First Day Outfit

Having a new outfit you or your little one feels excited about can really help put some pep in their step for the first week! There are plenty of great local shops and boutiques to shop from. That way, you can support small business AND show off your style!

3. Car Shoes

Speaking of clothing, a great tip to ease the back-to-school adjustment… Always keep an extra pair of your kid’s shoes in the car. Especially in Summer and especially on Anna Maria Island, kids are used to being barefoot. Many times you’re rushing the family out the door to make it to school on time… You’d be surprised how many people get to school and don’t realize their kids are barefoot until they arrive. An honest, wholesome mistake that as islands, we can absolutely respect. Just tuck away an extra pair of cheap shoes to leave in the car and whenever that sunny and accidentally-barefooted day may come, you’re ready!

4. Schedule Appointments

Once school starts life usually gets much busier but the house gets quieter. Make the most of the empty nest and schedule all of your home appointments. That way, you get them out of the way during the slower season for businesses locally and you won’t have to worry about scheduling them out once the school season busyness really kicks up. Call A Paradise to schedule your latest maintenance or pest control appointment today!


5. Plan Your Next Beach Day

Our favorite recommendation for the beachside back-to-school to-do list is actually: Cling to Summer! We know the first week of school is hectic, which is the exact reason why it’s important to plan some beach time. Either you vow to spend your Saturday on the beach, or just grab some ice cream and take the family to see the sunset after-school one day… It’s ALWAYS a good idea to make intentional effort for some island time to make the transition from the lazy days of Summer to the school year much smoother.

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