Did you know that the color of a room affects mood?

Did you know that the color of a room affects mood?

It’s known as Color Psychology, and it explores how colors can influence mood and psychological reactions. The wrong colors can increase blood pressure and eyestrain. The right colors can actually contribute to relaxation and calming. Most times, this is happening subconsciously, but it is a tool that is worthwhile considering.

Most of us have learned how color symbolism is often used in movies, books, and television. Writers, producers, and designers have long played into this information. But did you know that it’s also playing into your daily life?

Take a moment to think about where you spend your time.

Do you feel stressed out in your bedroom? Is your living room making you feel less-than inspired?

Think about how certain colors make you feel.

The first step is starting with shades. Light colors make a space feel larger and brighter. Darker colors make the room warmer and more intimate. Simple enough, right?

Now let’s dig into the colors themselves, starting with primary colors.

Red is known as the more intense color. A room being painted this color can actually increase adrenaline and heart rate. It makes a strong impression.

On the other hand, yellow communicates joy and happiness. Painting a room a nice shade of yellow can elicit the same feeling that sunshine does – energize and uplift. However, it has been studied to be best used in smaller spaces or amounts.

Blue is one of the most calming colors. However, the shade of blue really matters. Dark blue can evoke a darker feeling of sadness while bright or warm blues can overwhelmingly contribute to a feeling of peacefulness and relaxation.

For secondary colors, things can get a bit more interesting.

Green is a restful color for the eye, because it is a reflection of looking at nature.

Purple is associated with luxuriousness and sophistication.

Orange overwhelmingly evokes excitement and enthusiasm.

Neutral tones we’re most accustomed to like white, gray, and black are the basics. They’re flexible enough that you can choose accent colors to decorate with. However, it’s important to keep these paints fresh as a dingy neutral color is known to make people feel uninspired.

Of course, it’s important to mention that feelings about colors can come from personal experiences as well. Maybe a red kitchen immediately brings you back to your family’s cabin in Northern Michigan or at the right shade of blue transports you back to your summer studying abroad in Tuscany.

Using these memories and your knowledge of color psychology, you can create the ideal space for you, your family, and your guests.

Decorating a home that you, and others, enjoy being it… well, it’s color science.

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