8 Great Reasons to Move to Florida

8 Great Reasons to Move to Florida

Maybe you vacation in Florida, and you’ve fallen in love with it. Maybe you’re frequently traveling to the Anna Maria Island/Bradenton area to escape the cold and get a taste of tropical. Maybe you’re ready to retire and thaw out somewhere warm. Maybe your family’s happiest moments are on our sandy beaches. 

Sometimes… You need more than a vacation. You need a relocation.

Making a move is a big decision, but we’re happy to help! Here are 8 great reasons to make the move to Florida.

The weather
Trade in your snow shovel for a beach shovel and your boots for a bathing suit when you become a Florida resident! It’s no surprise our weather may be the biggest draw to make the move to Florida. Especially on the Gulf Coast, our sub-tropical climate and year-round warmth make even the rainy days in the Sunshine State pretty bright.

Anna Maria Island is a wonderful community in Florida.

The community
It’s hard to be cranky when you live in paradise, and when you’re happy with where you live, you want to do everything you can to make it better. That’s largely why our community on Anna Maria Island, and in the Bradenton area, do all they can to build up our local community through offering so many wonderful community events from food festivals, to parades, to art shows, to live concerts and more.

No state income tax
Looking to save more money on a monthly basis? Consider moving to Florida. While the majority of U.S. states require residents to pay state income taxes, the State of Florida does not.

The great outdoors
Thanks to the 200-plus days of sunshine a year, Florida is a beach-lover’s paradise. Here on Anna Maria, our powder-white sand and calm, crystal-clear waters are beautiful and therapeutic. Our waters also offer some pretty fantastic boating and fishing! Even more than that, Florida also has crystal-clear springs, rivers, lakes and jungle-like parks.

Discounts to tourist places
There’s a major benefit to living where others vacation: Many of those places you loved visiting as a tourist offer great discounts to Florida residents. Walt Disney World is known for its FL Resident discount and even places like many beautiful resorts all over Florida offer such discounts, too! Hundreds of Florida attractions and hotels offer resident-only discounts and bargains throughout the year, so your vacation lifestyle can be more accessible and affordable.

From college games to professional sports, Florida offers some of the best sports teams in the country to cheer on. Whether you’re a tailgate-enthusiast for college football games or looking for a new sport to get behind like hockey, we’ve got plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy your favorite sports pastime.

Food and drink
It’s no surprise that a state so dependent on tourism has such an emphasis on offering great and unique restaurant options. Not to mention, some of the freshest fish, fruit, and much more right at your fingertips!

Pace of life
Maybe you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of your current living situation. There is no better place to slow down and chill out than on Anna Maria Island.

In Florida, there’s never a shortage of things to do, and the state’s carefree approach to life makes each day a bit more cheerful. We know that relocating or deciding to move to a new state can feel overwhelming, so we’ll help take the stress out of finding your new home. Give us a call at (800) 237-2252 or check out some of our listings at www.visitaparadise.com/buying