5 Tips For Hurricane Season Prep

5 Tips For Hurricane Season Prep

While Hurricane Season technically begins in May, the threat of a hurricane really gears up once the Summer temperatures rise. After last year’s alarming Hurricane Season, it’s a great idea to make preparations soon just in case a Hurricane threatens the Gulf Coast over the next few months. Here are five things you can do now to alleviate the last-minute panic should the weatherman bring some potentially scary news.

1. Have an evacuation plan ready

If you live in an evacuation zone, have your evacuation plan laid out. Of course, many of those details have to be game-time decisions depending on the strength and size of the storm but its still good to have thought through a general plan. Do you have pets and live in an evacuation zone? Don’t forget to think through your pet-evacuation plan as well!

2. Have your Hurricane Kit ready

Check out our guide to making a Hurricane Kit. Double check that you have essentials always in stock at your home. First-aid kit, water, and a flashlight with new batteries are just a few of the things you should always have ready at home just in case of an emergency.

3. Check insurance coverage

Is flooding covered on your home insurance? In many cases it’s not. Look into your insurance coverage and make sure it is up-to-date and covers all of the important bases.

4. Prep your home

Investing in certain accessories for your home like adding hurricane shutters, fixing your shingles, and checking structural integrity can make a major difference during a storm. Are you wanting to make sure you have what you need to make your home as safe as possible in a hurricane? Our certified and trusty maintenance team can take care of that! From upgrading to impact-safe windows to assisting with any home maintenance needs – we can help! Give us a call so we can talk through a plan and get your home secured.

5. Buy what you need now

Remember the panic of all local stores being crowded and running out of essential items at the height of Hurricane fear? Take care of it now and avoid the stress! Go purchase plywood, water, batteries, and whatever else you may need now so you don’t have to worry about fighting crowds or running out of stock!