5 Steps to kick off Spring Cleaning

5 Steps to kick off Spring Cleaning

It’s Spring! Which means the weather is lovely, flowers are blooming, and it’s time for some Spring Cleaning! Attempting to dive into some deeper-cleaning than usual can be a bit overwhelming at first so we’ve mapped out 5 great places to start.

1. Clean out your fridge

This is the perfect place to start because there shouldn’t be much confusion on what needs to go. Grab a trash bag and get ready to check some dates. Check all of the expiration dates on everything in your refrigerator, even all of your dressings and condiments. Toss what’s old, questionable, or may be causing an interesting smell. Then, give your shelves a nice wipe down before you load the surviving food items.

2. Tackle the pantry

A daunting but satisfying task: Going through the pantry. Say sayonara to any stale items. Ask yourself if you’re hoarding items you’ll never use only to ultimately watch them expire. Donate canned goods or boxed food you don’t need or won’t actually use. It helps clear your pantry and helps someone who needs it more. Win/win.

3. Donate Clothes

Pick up and hold up each item in your closet. Ask yourself these 3 questions for each item: Do I like this? Do I wear this? Do I feel good in this? If you don’t love it and don’t feel confident in it, lose it. Donate it. Make room for something better.

4. Start implementing the “One in, One out” Rule

Storage is finite, and minimizing the amount of excess is a major stress-reliever. Continuing to collect, whether it be clothing items or trinkets, eventually leads to clutter and chaos. Remember “One in, One out” – when you get a new item, send an old one to the donation bin.

5. Clean your Makeup Brushes

So this may not be a household cleaning tradition and it only applies to those who use makeup but, it’s a great time to clean those brushes. Did you know that it’s recommended to clean frequently used makeup brushes once a week? Doing so limits product buildup and helps prevent breakouts and clogging of pores. All you need is water and a gentle soap. Here’s an easy guide: https://www.allure.com/story/how-clean-are-your-makeup-brus

Good luck and happy Spring Cleaning. Put on a good playlist and get going! If during your cleaning binge you notice any maintenance needing done around your house, give us a call, we’re here to help! (800) 237-2252